Friday, April 20, 2012

April 22nd harvest a no-go.

The mustards are looking great, we have one row of leeks still in the ground (about 3 per share), and the escarole is growing by the day.  But everything we have in the ground right now would benefit from another week of growing time, and so we have decided to make the tough call of cancelling this Sunday's harvest and resuming with our second of ten harvests on Sunday, April 29th.
So far, spring CSA has been a different animal from our fall season.  We appreciate our members' understanding that this is a learning opportunity for us, and part of that process is discovering when and how to make the right call.  We believe we have a chance to do this right, and if we harvested this Sunday it would set a tone for the entire season-- a tone of just barely catching up and scraping the share together before the plants are quite ready.  By waiting this week, we can let the frisee head up as it should, the overwintered carrots and beets size up, etc.  By extending the harvest that one week later into June, it means you'll be more likely to get some warmer weather crops you mightn't have otherwise.  Plant growth is exponential, and the warmer soil temperatures we are starting to see also spur things into more rapid growth-- so just one week can make all the difference.

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