Monday, August 26, 2013

Potato Harvest.

We harvested these potatoes on August 25th, 2013.  This is a variety called Red Lasoda that we found at Naomi's Organic Farm Supply.  We harvested the entire row (roughly 15'), 12 plants, because the plants were diseased, or had succumbed to a pest.  The leaves were riddled with little holes, and the plants were stunted--barely 6" tall in most cases.  They also had not matured like potatoes normally would: flowering, then dropping their flowers and drying out.  Still, they formed a good amount of beautiful tubers, with pristine, bright, rosy-red skins and creamy white flesh.  (They're still covered with dirt in the above photo.)  And they taste great!  The skins are very thin, so we are treating them as new potatoes.  But for around $7 investment in the Red Lasoda potato seed this past spring, while we didn't get the crop we had hoped for, we at least feel we got our money's worth. 

[Note: the $7 is a rough estimate.  We spent $20.93 in March on 3.22 lbs of potato seed of various types, including German Butterball (sown under cover on March 27th), Red Lasoda (sown April 28th), and French Fingerling (sown June 2nd).]

Here are a couple of our Red Lasodas all washed up and ready for cooking:

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