Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Spring leeks and carrots.

We harvested these leeks and carrots last Saturday. 
The leeks were sown March 10th of last year, transplanted a bit late (June 9th). They grew a bit in the fall, held in the ground through the hard, snowy winter this year, and make for very good eating these days.

The carrots were direct sown a bit late (July 19th) and held in the ground just fine through the winter with very limited top growth. One of the varieties shown is Purple Haze, which we've overwintered before and had great results.

We'll probably still overwinter Purple Haze this season (that would be winter 2014-15), but we're planning on trying a new variety as well, called Merida. It can presumably be sown in late September/early October, and harvested the following May through June. Has anyone out there grown Merida on that schedule? Please let us know how it turned out!

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